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2005-09, September 2005 (Caldwell)

2005-09, September 2005 (Caldwell)


Volume 4, Number 12

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The Coronados
by Lynna Howard

Imagine moving to a new country where you know little of the language and few people. Imagine then, the life of Gabriel Coronado, a migrant farmworker who grew up in Mexico, eventually learned some English from his children after the family moved to Idaho, and carved out a living. This riveting account is alive with details from the 1950s and 1960s, and beyond as it follows the Coronados, the first Hispanic family to settle permanently in the eastern Idaho town of Shelley.

Caldwell—Spotlight City

by Stephen Lowman

Caldwell’s downtown train depot is a palpable symbol of the city’s historic role as a base for covered wagon pioneers, railroad businessmen, and later on, a metropolitan hangout for residents of the outlying rural communities. Now, however, as Caldwell approaches the train depot’s 100th birthday (celebration planned for 2006) city planners expect more from the town’s economy. See how Caldwellites are striving to parlay the city’s historic past into future growth.

Silver Screen Struggle
by Madeline Behrendt

While Idaho’s film festivals have plenty of movies to thrill, chill, amuse and enrich you, the burning question has become: will Idaho’s film production industry boom? In a state with a lot of enthusiastic independent film audiences, there’s a dearth of funding to jumpstart Idaho’s film production industry–one that lags far behind the economic impact numbers of many other states. Here’s an update on Idaho’s film scene and a list of ingredients needed to meet new challenges.


Music Makers: A ‘Jack-of-All-Trades’ Musician, a Serene Studio; Victory’s Ben Winship

by Ryan Peck

One Spud Short: Uncle Will’s Tree Stand
by Sherry Ramsey

Studebaker Says: Great Medicine
by William Studebaker

Diamond Dazzler: Let’s Talk Baseball; A Conversation with Cliff Chambers, Owner of a Major League No-Hitter
by Phillip A. Janquart

Nutcracker Tales: You’re Cooking What? Rocky Mountain Oysters; Getting to the Meat of the Matter

by Meg Donahue

Fiction Contest 2005: When the Well Goes Dry; Judge’s Choice, Adult Division
by Phillip Obenchain

More, Fiction Contest 2005: Nine-Tenths of the Law; 3rd Place Adult Division
by Sherry George

Mining Memories: Echoes From the Mine
by Steve Koehler

Historical Snapshot: Sarah and Her Sled

by Arthur Hart


Boise, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Dixie, Driggs, Eagle, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Preston, Priest River, Shelley, Twin Falls, Victor


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