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2006-07, July 2006 (Bellevue)

2006-07, July 2006 (Bellevue)


Volume 5 Number 10

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Dusty Daisies, Part One
by Celeste Killeen

This is the true story of an international parental-kidnapping case that took place in Boise during the early 1980s, a time when parental kidnapping was viewed more as a domestic dispute than a crime. Celeste Chapman files her case with the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office and teams up with investigator Vaughn Killeen to find her five-year-old daughter, Athena. The search takes her on a thirteen-month rollercoaster ride through a tangled maze of extortion, deceit, and powerlessness.

Bellevue—Spotlight City
by Karen Bossick

This central Idaho town, population 2,450, is a mere fifteen miles from glitzy Sun Valley, but don’t let that fool you. Bellevue doesn’t even pretend to share in the resort town’s glamour. Its residents are blue collar—and proud of it. “Even the tower in the old town hall is slightly cocked, as if it has a chip on its shoulder,” said City Administrator Tom Blanchard. From the rough-and-tumble yet sophisticated beginnings, to the bitter rivalry with nearby Hailey, Bellevue’s story is, in a word, juicy.

Waiting for Wolves
by Kurt Caswell

“Muchos lobos… Muchos lobos aqui,” says Walter Luya. Indeed, “many wolves” have become a growing threat to the bands of sheep Walter and his Peruvian counterparts herd for the Soulen Livestock Company near McCall. They watch, and they wait. They try to understand why the wolves kill, and why they kill so many—seventy-one in one night. Despite the losses to her herd—and her bottom line—and at the risk of alienating herself from other ranchers, Margaret Soulen believes wolves and sheep can live side by side. It’s a story about human beings, she says, not only about wolves. It’s about communication and compromise.


Letters to the Editor

Studebaker Says: I’ve Become a Summer Guy, by William Studebaker

Good Sports: Dallas Jones; A man to look up to, by Sherry Ramsey

Tricks of the Trade: Cheese ball fishing; The meaning of life, by David R. Clark

Fiction Contest: The True American, by Tiffany Wadholm

One Spud Short: I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy, By Meg Donahue

Buddy, His Trials and Treasures: The trees, By Will Edwinson

Front Porch Tales: Golf is another four-letter word, By Lynn Farley

Winged Things: On my way to the garden, By Susan E. Mitchell

Historical Snapshot: Young Weiser City, by Arthur Hart

Recipe Contest: Tuscan Beef Salad, by Erin Indahl-Fink

July Contributors

Arco, Bellevue, Boise, Grace, Hailey, Hayden Lake, Ketchum, Mackay, McCall, Nampa, Oldtown, Payette National Forest, Pocatello, Priest River, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Weiser


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