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2009-06, June 2009 (Crouch)

2009-06, June 2009 (Crouch)


Volume 8 Number 9

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The Born Lakes Identity

by Jim Ridenour

A search for the man behind the place name unveils an ambitious life of prospecting and promoting in the White Clouds.

Crouch—Spotlight City

by Karma Metzler Fitzgerald

Built by ranchers and loggers, inhabited now by commuters and retirees, this fun-loving Garden Valley burg faces the familiar challenge of how to grow and yet stay the same.

The Way to Kirk Lake

by Emily Johnson Burton

Her grandfather had talked for years about a lake hidden in the Sawtooth Mountains, high above Redfish. Finally, she decided, it was time to go see.


Editorial: New Digs, by Steve Bunk

Profile: Don’t Ever Give Up; How Boise Physician Karl Watts Has Helped to Change the World, by Brenda Adams

Nature’s Way: The Eagle and the Duck, by Tom Davenport

Meet the Author: I Am a Fan; What Won’t People Do To Get That Autograph?, by Amanda Turner

Rodeo Days: Let ‘Er Rip; In White Bird, Rodeo Stories Abound from Two Decades of Action, by Shelley Neal

The Hermit Miner: Old Man River; Gold-Mining Hermit Dan Lord, Rediscovered, by Ward Stevens

Excerpt: All Along the River, by Nellie Ireton Mills, courtesy of Bridget Frank

Around the Bend: Heart of the Wild; A Solo Hike in the Lemhis Turns up More Than Pikas, by Margaret Fuller

Love and Triathlons: A Long-Lost Couple Reunites And He Turns into a Champion, by Dianna Troyer

Recipe Contest: Teriyaki Chicken and Rice, by Jessica Lopez & Rena Tarlini; and Banana and Yogurt Crepes, by Chef Federico Elbl

June Contributors

Boise, Burley, Crouch, Garden Valley, Gibbonsville, Hayden Lake, Lemhi Range, Sawtooth Mountains, White Bird, White Cloud Mountains


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