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2010-06, June 2010 (Spirit Lake)

2010-06, June 2010 (Spirit Lake)


Volume 9 Number 9

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Trueblood; The Life and Times Of a Writer/Conservationist – Part I
by Les Tanner

This first part of a two-part series on the late Idaho outdoorsman, writer, and conservationist, Ted Trueblood, focuses on his wordsmithing.

Spirit Lake—Spotlight City
by Heather Solsvik

If you let the everyday world fade away in a place that feels undiscovered, you might find magic, or peace, or maybe Spirit Lake.

Hit the Silk!: How a Boise Native Helped to Save George Bush, Sr., In World War II
by F. Willard Robinson

In an excerpt from his book, the author offers the first published eyewitness account of the day George Bush, Sr., was shot down and rescued during World War II, a rousing tale told by a Boise aviator who helped to save the future president.


Comment: The “I’s” Have It

Custer Day: Custer’s Three Histories; A July Celebration Commemorates This Town’s Recurring Rise and Fall, By Michael Vogt

Perrine Bridge: Are You Crazy?, By Susan Summer Elliott

American Falls: The Town That Moved; How American Falls Was Relocated for a Dam, By Barbara Cothern

Nampa: The Catch, By F. Ruth Thacker

Plummer: Two-Gun Hart; Al Capone’s Big Brother Policed the Wilds of Idaho, By Jonathon Shipley

Careywood: Clarence Darrow’s Clue; John Carey’s Descendent Describes How He Bought an Idaho Town on a Tip, By JoAnn Colby

Pocatello: The Prison Class; For Idaho Women, Jail Doesn’t Bar the Hope of Brighter Futures through Education, By Lalove Foster

Upper Beehive Lake: No Pain, No Gain; For These Septuagenarians, Four Miles Uphill Are (Mostly) a Stroll, By Marylyn Cork

Recipe Contest: Calypso Beef Soup, Recipe courtesy of the Idaho Beef Council; White Chocolate Berry Cake, by Angelina Rodriguez; Nanna’s Chicken Cutlets, by Greg Grasso

June Contributors

American Falls, Boise, Careywood, Custer, Plummer, Pocatello, Nampa, Salmon, Spirit Lake, Twin Falls, Upper Beehive Lake


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