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2010-10, October 2010 (Florence)

2010-10, October 2010 (Florence)


Volume 10 Number 1

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The Stripper
by Steve Moe

A former stripper recalls that Kellogg in the 1960s had huge numbers of people doing it, and it was the hardest job in town, but it wasn’t what you think.

Florence—Spotlight City
by Ashley Mayes

When this boomtown sprang up in the early 1860s, its mountain goldfields were among the richest per square foot in America, but that’s all gone back to the ghosts.

How Not to Canoe
by Alex Thatcher

Two guys in white water on Mores Creek at spring runoff is no problem at all, unless they can’t keep the canoe pointed in the right direction.


Comment: Blows against the Hivemind

Boise: The Silent Stage; Stunned by Trauma and Culture Shock, Idaho’s Refugee Students Cope By Making Art, by Olivia Sorensen

Boise: Backyard Boogie; Summer Concerts off the Tour, by Nancy Neely

Ashton: R.I.P.; A Century Later, Ashton Claims Her Own, by Joyce Edlefsen

Hells Canyon: Along Johnson Bar; A Horseman Recounts His Solo Ride Through Hells Canyon, at Age Four, by Billy Jim Wilson

Grace: Coming of Age; Two Grand, a New Rig, And the Follies of Youth, by Bill Corbett

Cobalt: The Wagon Thief; A Small Crime, a Lifetime of Regret, by Russell Steele

Statewide: Literary Idaho; For a Bunch of Non-Joiners, Our Writers Have Plenty of Groups, by Amanda Turner

Sawtooths: What about the Greenhorns?; A High-Mountain Storm Hardly Leaves Time to Worry about Novices, By Daniel Claar

Recipe Contest: Vanilla Bean and Honey Cheesecake with Cherry Brandy Sauce and Brandy Mascarpone Cream, by Angela Tandy; Mushroom, Shrimp and Scallop Fettuccine with Parmesan and Rosemary, by Meesha Tavares and Aaron Williams

Boise, Caldwell, Cobalt, Coeur d’Alene, Florence, Garden City, Grace, Hailey, Hells Canyon, Kellogg, Ketchum, Lewiston, Mores Creek, Nampa, Pocatello, Riggins, Sandpoint, Sawtooth Range, Twin Falls


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