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2013-09, September 2013 (Chesterfield)

2013-09, September 2013 (Chesterfield)


Volume 12, Number 12

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By Melissa Whiteley

Raised in a Canadian city, a young woman who had never seen a tumbleweed married into an Idaho cowboy family. For a long time, fitting in wasn’t easy.

Chesterfield – Spotlight City

By Bonnie Dodge

A lover of the state’s ghost towns meets the pioneers’ descendants of one such town, who have made tremendous efforts to keep the ghosts alive and well.

Sweat Equity

By Rachel Gattuso

Could it be that climate change will prove a boon to Idaho winemaking? In any case, the author finds that the homegrown product is increasingly well-regarded.


Comments: Lightning Strikes Twin Falls

Garden Valley: Lentils and Rice, by Francisco Lozano

Lake Lowell: Friendly Neighbors Club, by Amy Larson

Weiser: Riding the Top Twenty-Eight, by Dean Worbois

Bliss: Folksinger on Canvas, by Betty Derig

Council: Missing Gene, by Angela D’Ambrosio

Rathdrum: Flashing Lights, by Janice Abel

Idaho at Large: Chinless Wonder, by Steve Carr

Recipes: Crockpot Lasagna; Rhubarb Crisp

Calendar of Events: Star Party, Craters of the Moon, Arco

Arco, Bliss, Boise, Chesterfield, Council, Jerome, Garden Valley, Lake Lowell, Mayfield, New Plymouth, Rathdrum, Sandpoint, Snake River Valley, Weiser


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