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2016-11, November 2016 (Parker)

2016-11, November 2016 (Parker)


Volume 16 Number 2

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Woods Work

By Carolyn White

At a hunting camp in the Nez Perce National Forest, a lone woman witnesses the old guys being boys.

Parker – Spotlight City

By Joyce Driggs Edlefsen

Fremont County’s first pioneer settlement isn’t growing much nowadays, and likes it fine that way.

Trailing the Herd

By Pete Wilson

Back in the 1950s, two young teenagers are tasked with bringing a herd of horses from one side of Hells Canyon to the other by river.


Comments: Dogwood in Boise

Crouch: Tangled Lines, by Peter D. McQuade

Sawtooths: Along with Tom, by Michael Stubbs

Bitterroot Mountains: From Darkness to Light, by Melinda Brinkman

Eastern Idaho: Spring Campaign, by Thornton Waite

Snake River Canyon: Rocket Redux, by Dakota Keiser

Sagle: Don’t Call Him Goofy, by Desiré Aguirre

Correspondence: Letters to the Editor

Idaho at Large: Suckers and Cemeteries, by Steve Carr

Recipes: Bacon Crock Pot Stuffing; FudgeNog

Calendar of Events: Jump Creek/Leslie Gultch Forays, Nampa


Bitterroot Mountains, Boise, Crouch, Hells Canyon, Idaho Falls, Moscow, Nampa, Nez Peace National Forest, Parker, Pierce, Sagle, Sandpoint, Sawtooths, Snake River Canyon


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