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2006-12, December 2006 (Hagerman)

2006-12, December 2006 (Hagerman)


Volume 6 Number 3

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Albeni Falls Pipes & Drums
by Sherry Ramsey

Beginning with five men, a cassette tape containing bagpipe music, an enormous amount of enthusiasm, virtually no practical knowledge of playing any sort of instrument whatsoever, and a great deal of perseverance, a pipe and drum corps formed in Oldtown largely because it appeared to be a good idea at the time. Over its six years of existence, that informality has helped to maintain the easy camaraderie that the Albeni Falls Pipes and Drums shares with everyone who takes part. They quickly became a strong and abiding part of their small community and have developed into a true northern treasure.

Hagerman—Spotlight City 
by Kelly Kast

“Nestled between the rugged cliffs of the Snake River Canyon, and flanked by hundreds of bubbling springs and the mighty Snake River,” Hagerman occupies a small piece of territory but has a rich history, nonetheless. Originally brought into existence as a mining outpost, Hagerman quickly became home to farmers, ranchers and dairymen. Notable as well for its CCC camp during the Great Depression and the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, this is a small city with a large footprint.

Geothermal Energy
by Bruce Mattison

The earth has energy in astonishing abundance, and not just from the coal we burn to generate electricity and the oil we refine to fill our cars. The same internal heat that drives continental drift, builds volcanoes, and powers the geysers of the Yellowstone can be used to heat our homes and businesses, provide recreation at hot springs all over Idaho, and act as the basis of a growing and thriving aquacultural industry.


Family Matters: Christmas in Juliaetta, by Nancy Amos

Who We Are: Grandma’s Laundry, by Darlene Ward

Life’s Lessons: A Christmas to Remember, by William Strange

Hall of Fame: ISU Boxing Reunion, by Glenn Alford

Animal Kingdom: Fred, by Les Tanner

Profile: Susie Heckman, by Lorie Palmer

Studebaker Says: Selling Junk, by William Studebaker

Music Makers: Making Music and Making Connections, by Ryan Peck

2006 Recipe Contest: Big Potatoes stuffed with Chicken Verde and Tomato Sauce, by Jonathon Mortimer

December Contributors

Boise, Caldwell, Challis, Grangeville, Hagerman, Jerome, Juliaetta, Magic Valley, Oldtown, Pocatello, Sandpoint, Twin Falls


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