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2007-02, February 2007 (Grace)

2007-02, February 2007 (Grace)


Volume 6 Number 5

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The Not So Secret Life of Greg Poe 
by Kitty Fleischman

Walter Mitty dreamed his life away, but Greg Poe had no such inclination. When his children were young, he worked diligently managing the Northwest Telco office in Boise, but he and his wife scrimped, saved, dreamed and planned. When they were able to transform their dreams into reality, Greg swapped his suit and tie for a flight suit, and he transformed himself into one of the world’s finest aerobatic pilots. But, there’s more to Greg than flying, and he’s become an inspiration to tens of thousands of youngsters all over the United States.

Grace—Spotlight City 
by Bill Corbett

In the center of Gem Valley lies the quiet, little mile-high community of Grace, population 1,100. Surrounded by fertile farmland, irrigated by the Bear River through the ingenuity of its founders, and featuring a population that is both hard-working and devout, this small town provides a quality of life and experience hard to match throughout the Gem State.

Scots Revisit the Coeur d’Alene
by Jack McNeel

In 1809, fur traders near Lake Pend Oreille made first contract with the Schitsu’umsh, now known as the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. Comprised mostly of Scots, the traders got on quite well with the tribe, though the relationship was ultimately short-lived. Nearly 200 years later, a mutual fondness for the Scottish game of golf renewed the ancient friendship between the clans and the tribe.


Letter From the Publisher: Libraries Burning Down, Kitty Fleischman

Road Tripping: Truckin’ Down the Salmon River Byway, by Toinette Dickey

Music Makers: The Palouse; A Springboard for Singer-Songwriters, by Ryan Peck

Studebaker Says: Shooting the Shot; Taking Pictures the Easy Way, by William Studebaker

Animal Kingdom: Zeus; Getting to Know a Burro, by Desiré Aguirre

One Spud Short: Fun with Goats, by Jamey Coulter

Profile: Idaho Woman Deserts Kitchen to Build a Bridge; Grace Fenton, by Donna Emert

Fathers and Sons: My Dad’s Milk Toast, by Dean Worbois

Point of View: Old-Timer, by Les Tanner

Family Matters: Reconnecting; Taking the Long Trip Home, by Ann Clizer

Recipe Contest: Warm up the Oven, by Kitty Fleischman

Recipe Contest: Chicken LoneHawk; 2006 Overall Recipe Winner, by Carl Melina

February Contributors

Boise, Caldwell, Carey, Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation, Grace, Horseshoe Bend, Moscow, Salmon, Salmon River, Sandpoint, Stanley, Twin Falls, Worley


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