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2008-12, December 2008 (Enaville)

2008-12, December 2008 (Enaville)


Volume 8 Number 3

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Cirque in the Clouds: Washington Basin’s Majesty

by Jim Ridenour

A geologist’s career took him to seven Idaho counties, but for breathtaking beauty, Washington Basin in the White Clouds was without peer. Here’s outdoor adventure leavened with equal parts of geology and mining history.

Enaville—Spotlight City

by Mike Kincaid

Life was wild and often dangerous when this little settlement was a mining boomtown. Enaville’s heyday may be gone but mining, recreation, the stories, and a few locals to tell them remain.

Queen of Horses: Kittie Wilkins, Part II

by Philip Homan

In our October issue, a library scientist described methods he employed to uncover fresh details on the life of the Bruneau Valley’s 19th Century horse dealer, Kittie Wilkins. In this part, he establishes her exceptional skills and nationwide fame.


Editor’s Note: The Information Con, by Steve Bunk

Around the Bend: Escape from Nowhere; The John Mullan Trail Offers Relief From Our Modern Pursuit of Nothing, by Brian D’Ambrosio

Up, Up, and Away: Two Aviation Aces Enter the Hall of Fame, by Mike Kincaid

Profile: Deciding to Remember; A Holocaust Survivor Summons Courage to Recount Her Pain, by Lorie Palmer

Animal Kingdom: A Natural History of Road Kill; There are Good Reasons Why Some Make It and Some Don’t, by David R. Clark

One Spud Short: The Nevergreen Tree; Can Christmas Be Perfect Without the Perfect Fir?, by Judy Ware

Who We Are: Two Potato; A Friendship Forms over the Humble Tuber, by Aida Kouyoumijian

Good Neighbors: Glad Tidings; How to Bring Holiday Cheer To Patients Who Can’t Go Home, by Linda Funaiole

Book Reviews:
Fireside Chapters; What to Read on a Winter’s Day, by Kitty Fleischman
Books Reviewed:
Mudgy & Millie, by Susan Nipp;
Lame Bird’s Legacy, by Dan Strawn;
Jesús Urquides, Idaho’s Premier Muleteer, by Max A. Delgado;
Owyhee Canyonlands, Photos by Mark Lisk/Essay by William Fox;
Backcountry Roads, By Lynna Howard/Photos by Leland Howard

Recipe Contest: Greek Penne With Chicken, by Abby Faure; Stained Glass Cake, by Niki Romani

December Contributors

Arco, Boise, Council, Emmett, Enaville, Hagerman, Hailey, Harrison, Idaho Falls, Lava Hot Springs, Lewiston, Moscow, Mullan, Owyhee, Pocatello, Sandpoint, Wallace, Weiser, White Clouds


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