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2009-09, September 2009 (Hope)

2009-09, September 2009 (Hope)


Volume 8 Number 12

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The Legend Lives

by Elora Ramirez

Summer visits to her cowboy great-grandfather in Idaho changed the life of a Texas girl.

Hope—Spotlight City

by Jennifer Lamont Leo

On a sleepy side of Lake Pend Oreille, this heavily wooded, tiered town has seen explorers, the railroad, the Ringling Brothers, fire and flood in its day.

Highway 95 Revisited: Part II

by Les Tanner

In which our wayfarer descends the three grades of Winchester, Lewiston, and White Bird the old way, the less traveled way.


Letters: Highway 95; Native Americans

Made by Hand: Birth of a Barn; Old-fashioned Methods and $329 Do the Trick, by Angela I. Nielson

Recipe Contest: Announcing the 2009 Winners!

Commemoration: Fly Away, by Tom Davenport

Renovations: History on Show; Glenns Ferry Rings in its Centennial with Will and Funds to Redo Downtown, by Vicki Smith

Roadside Attraction: Cave of Mystery; How Shoshone’s Ice Caves Lost and Regained Their Chill, by Rob Lundgren

Out to Pasture: The Death of Innocence; Weeds and Wildfire, Watch Out; the Indiscriminate Grazer Approaches, by Lisa Shine

Model Behavior: She’s a Beauty; In Pocatello, a Union Pacific Building Lures Train-Lovers to Model Heaven, by Dianna Troyer

Festival Report: No Welsh Spoken Here; Have Malad Valley Descendants of Wales Killed Their Ancestral Tongue?, by Pat McCoy Rohleder

Recipe Contest: Mustard Pizza, by Kenzie Dains & Jessie Harrelson; and Vanilla Caramel Brownies, by Austin Pickett & Matt Olsen

September Contributors

Glenns Ferry, Hagerman, Highway 95, Hope, Indian Valley, Malad City, Mink Creek, Pocatello, Rathdrum, Shoshone


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