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2007-03, March 2007 (Lapwai)

2007-03, March 2007 (Lapwai)


Volume 6 Number 6

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Theatre in Idaho City—1863-1864 
by Dr. Charles Lauterbach

A gold rush boomtown flush with cash and packed with characters attracted all sorts of entertainment, from saloons every ten yards or so along Main Street to an assortment of bawdy girls. In Idaho City, the newly-prosperous miners also had the desire to see live theatre, and there were many touring companies who arrived to take advantage of the opportunity, before the boom turned to bust.

Lapwai—Spotlight City
by Margo Aragon

Lapwai is an excellent example of an integrated Idaho town. “Indian people, African-Americans, non-Indians, Europeans, ranchers, farmers, river runners, cowboys, champion pow-wow dancers, Christians, native believers, business owners, and students call Lapwai home.” The result is a town that understands its history, has a clear vision of its future, and is proud of both.

Glassblowing; Lisa Tate Soaring Dreams Studio
by Sheila Robertson

“Glass is mostly silicon mixed with a little potash and colored with nickel, lead, chromium, and even uranium.” That is where the glassblower starts, but an incandescent mixture of skill, craftsmanship, and artistry can transform these simple elements into objects of breathtaking beauty.


Whitewater Ways: A Fish Out of Water; A river trip down Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River meant giving up email, nightly showers, and a flush toilet. But for this city girl it was totally worth it, by Kathy Graham

Featured Foliage: The Flora and Fauna of My Backyard, by Les Tanner

Around the Bend: Calvin’s Third Cattle Guard, by Wayne Forrey

Who We Are: A War Correspondent’s Story, by Bill Ryan

Studebaker Says: At the Speed of Snow, by William Studebaker

Historical Snapshot: An Elegant Public Schoolhouse, by Arthur Hart

Profile: The Outside of a Horse; A tribute to Edith M. Stanger, by Cheryl A. Cox

Recipe Contest: Bavarian Sauerbraten; 2006 Entrée Recipe Winner, by Stacey Kemper & Swedish Apple Soup, by Marcia Brothers

March Contributors

Boise, Caldwell, Elmore County, Idaho City, Lapwai, Middle Fork Salmon River, Pocatello, Sandpoint, Twin Falls


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