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2014-03, March 2014 (Featherville)

2014-03, March 2014 (Featherville)


Volume 13 Number 6

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Idaho William

By Jessica Butterfield

How does a modern youngster get to know Idaho? Well, one way is by visiting everywhere with his mom to make informative videos as “Idaho William.”

Featherville – Spotlight City

By Amy Larson

After two straight summers of fierce wildfires, this Boise National Forest community welcomes a visitor  with the warmth of people who have learned how to depend on each other.

Boot Camp by the Lake

By Jana Kemp

In coaxing the story from her uncle of his time during World War II at Farragut Naval Training Station on Lake Pend Oreille, the author also uncovered a trove of historical images.


Comments: Stanley in Winter

Salmon National Forest: Disaster at Birch Creek, by Terry Armstrong with Cheryl Reed-Dudley

Map Rock: The River in Stone, by C.W. Reed

Eden: The First, Worst Winter, by Erma Jean Loveland

Statewide: Tricks of the Trade, by Les Tanner

Anderson Ranch Reservoir: In Praise of a Place, by Shirley Metts

Dubois: Get up for Grouse, by Kris Millgate

Idaho at Large: Got Books?, by Steve Carr

Recipes: Minestrone; Turkey and Black Bean Chili

Calendar of Events: 2014 IDAHO magazine Fiction Contest Celebration and Awards, Boise

Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Boise, Dubois, Eden, Farragut State Park, Featherville, Filer, Map Rock, Meridian, Pocatello, Salmon National Forest, Stanley, White Bird


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