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2003-01, January 2003 (Grangeville)

2003-01, January 2003 (Grangeville)


Volume 2, Number 4

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    “Dog Days” of February Ashton Style
    by Helen McMullin

    Dogs, snow, some “friendly” competition. Sound like fun? The citizens of Ashton thoroughly enjoyed that combination between 1917 and 1951. Luckily, a group of volunteers revived this exhilarating winter tradition in 1993. Find out what real dog mushers say to get their teams moving. It isn’t “mush!”

    by Lorie Palmer

    The name “Grangeville” has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? Well, this small but robust town in central Idaho could have been named “Millville” or “Wheeling.” Check out our spotlight city section this month to find out more interesting tidbits about Grangeville, a town that is small on population (approx. 3700), but big on western spirit.

    The Herbal Tradition: The Yee Family Thrived During Tough Times for the Chinese
    by Dave Goins & Kitty Fleischman

    Every single Idahoan has a special history that details how they ended up in the Gem State—some routes are more circuitous than others. It is safe to say that coming to Idaho via China is a unique route. Read how one Chinese father planted roots here long ago that still grow today. We have also included a review of historian Arthur Hart’s new book about the history of the Chinese in Idaho, Chinatown.


    Idaho Genealogy: Tracing an Idaho Family Back in Time: The Matchette Family
    by Gene Williams

    Animal Kingdom: The Cat That Came in From the Cold
    by David Clark

    Who We Are: Deconstruction: Remembering the Back-to-the-Land Movement on Flume Creek

    by Ann Clizer

    Winter Fun Guide: Three Skiing Venues in Idaho

    by Shawna Andreasen, Jessica Higgins & Katherine Sather

    Historical Snapshot: Celebrating New Year’s Idaho City Style
    by Arthur Hart

    Profile: Four Lively Stories Behind the Colorful Citizens of Grangeville
    by Lorie Palmer

    Heritage Trust: Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Depot of Potlatch, Idaho
    by Barbara Coyner

    Free Range Verse: The Story Teller
    by Roger O. Walker


    Arco, Ashton, Boise, Driggs, Grangeville, Idaho City, Kellogg, Potlatch, Sandpoint, Wardner