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    2022-06 (Rockford)

    2022-05 (Sandpoint)

    2021-10 (Samuels and Sam)


    2021-06 (Twin Falls)


    2020-05 (Irwin)


    IDAHO magazine January 2020 cover showing rodeo cowboy with flag.

    2020-01 (Warm Lake)


    2019-02 (Bancroft)


    2019-01 (Warm River)


    2018-11 (Menan)


    October 2018 - Georgetown Spotlight City

    2018-10 (Georgetown)


    September 2018 - Acequia Spotlight City

    2018-09 (Acequia)


    March 2018 - Inkom Spotlight City

    2018-03 (Inkom)


    2018-01 (Basalt)


    2017-07 (Big Creek)


    2016-10 (Elk River)



    2016-09 (Malad City)



    2016-05 (Moore)



    2014-03 (Featherville)




    2011-10 (Teton City)



    2010-11 (Richfield)



    2009-09 (Hope)



    2009-08 (Murphy Hot Springs)



    2008-02 (Meridian)



    2007-12 (Rigby)


    2007-02 (Grace)


    2007-01 (Oldtown)


    2006-05 (Horseshoe Bend)


    2006-03 (Homedale)


    2006-02 (Hayden)


    2005-08 (Cascade)

    2005-06 (Stanley)


    2005-04 (Shelley)


    2005-01 (Idaho City)


    2004-06 (Blackfoot)


    2004-04 (Mountain Home)


    2002-10 (St. Maries)


    2002-05 (Rexburg)


    2001-10 (Twin Falls)



    IDAHO magazine is more than just an entertaining read. A selection of lesson plans has been designed for Idaho students, which you’ll find indexed by Idaho Content Standards, listing the IDAHO magazine issue and article utilized. We’re continuing to grow this collection and invite all Idaho teachers to share your IDAHO magazine lesson plans with us. We’ll be happy to post them on our website.

    EDUCATORS: Please email lesson plans to Kitty Fleischman at [email protected]

    Thank you to Assistant Professor of History Dr. John Bieter, the Boise State University College of Education students who designed the lesson plans, and to Peter Kavouras, Content Areas and Instructional Services Director for the Idaho Department of Education, for their help on this project.


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