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2003-02, February 2003 (Challis)

2003-02, February 2003 (Challis)


Volume 2, Number 5

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    Everyone Wins at the Wells Fargo Winter Games of Idaho

    by Bryant J. Kuechle

    Check out Idaho’s only truly statewide and amateur athletic competition. For over a decade, the First Security and subsequently, Wells Fargo Winter Games, have brought together recreational athletes of all ages and skill levels to towns in northern, eastern, and central Idaho, in the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship.

    by Land of the Yankee Fork Staff & the Challis Chamber of Commerce

    Find out what you have to do to get a city named after you! Early residents honored Alvah P. Challis when the new town, founded in 1878, was given his name. Get the skinny on Challis, the Custer County seat.

    Snowmobiling in Idaho: Cold Sizzles Here
    by Nancy Butler and Doug Miller

    So, cold might not be very “cool” in Florida or California, but Idahoans know that cold sizzles here! Snowmobiling is a staple winter activity for the snow lover. Ok, ok, so there is that one little problem: As far as the snowmobiling/cross-country skier controversy goes, can’t we just all get along?


    Idaho Entrepreneur: Dr. Rich Bailey: “Billy-Bob” and Potlatch Dentist Succeed With Smiles
    by Barbara Coyner

    Smalltown Flavor: Hostel Boise: Sharing Adventure, and a Roof

    by Helen Warriner

    Profile: An American Gold Star Wife: Sylvia Feit Makes Idaho Home
    by Eric Miner

    Historical Snapshot: Saloons in Early Idaho; Scourge or Safe Haven?

    by Arthur Hart

    Idaho Artist: Yep, This Guy’s Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys: A Photography Career Roped From Childhood Daydreams

    by Dave Goins

    Free Range Verse: Porcupine

    by Fay Briscoe


    Bogus Basin Mountain – Boise, Brundage Mountain – McCall, Challis, Galena Lodge – Ketchum, Idaho Falls, Island Park, Melba, Nampa, Pilot Peak – Idaho City Potlatch, Salmon, Silver Mountain – Kellogg, Stanley, Sun Valley