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2004-03, March 2004 (Fruitland)

2004-03, March 2004 (Fruitland)


Volume 3, Number 6

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    Is That You Trigger? Project Idaho’s Triumphant Trio of Mule Clones
    by Diane Rice

    Did you miss the opportunity to see Secretariat? Always want to watch Man O’ War? Well, you may still get the chance. The first successful equine clones were produced at the University of Idaho last year, and the significance of this breakthrough to both science and the equine world is still not fully known. Diane Rice tells us how they did it and what it might mean.

    by Tami Hart

    Tucked away along Idaho’s western border is a small and pleasant town with an appropriately descriptive name. Fruitland has long been a land of fruit, but it has also been much more. Read and learn what makes Fruitland a town with such a bright and diverse future.

    Irish in Idaho
    by Arthur Hart

    Many Idahoans enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day each March 17th, but few know the significant achievements and long history of the Irish in Idaho. Historian Arthur Hart details their contributions and exploits. Erin Go Bragh!


    Exhibitions: Discovering Idaho: The World of Lewis and Clark

    by Helen L. McMullin

    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: Frankie
    by Will Edwinson

    One Spud Short: The Angle
    by William Studebaker

    Front Porch Tales: Cabin Fever
    by Lynn Farley

    Profile: Henry Clarence Dworshak
    by Eric Miner

    Historical Snapshot: Idaho Orchards

    by Arthur Hart

    The Name Game: Chinden Boulevard
    by Susan Beitia

    Who We Are: The Old Green Bus

    by Betsy Roberts

    Northern Exposure: Camas Prairie Winery
    by Michelle Anderson

    Art Attack: Decoy Master Frank Werner
    by Ralph Barthold

    Free Range Verse: Road Rage

    by Rudy Gonzales


    Boise, Burley, Clark Fork, Fruitland, Garden City, Grace, Idaho Falls, McCall, Moscow, Twin Falls