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2004-04, April 2004 (Mountain Home)

2004-04, April 2004 (Mountain Home)


Volume 3, Number 7

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    Digging Up The Past
    by Steven Branting

    Lewiston residents have long heard the rumor that their Normal Hill cemetery held a mass, unmarked grave—bodies purported to have been unceremoniously transferred from an older cemetery in the late 19th Century. Find out what happened when a group of intrepid students made use of some high-tech equipment to discover the truth.

    Mountain Home–Spotlight
    by John Hiler

    Many have asked how this city in the desert got its rugged name. Historian John Hiler tells us the truth behind the misnomer and much more. Learn about the town that was once considered the “Horse Capital of the West.”

    Rosalie Sorrels
    by Kitty Fleischman

    For more than a half-century, Rosalie Sorrels has taken the sounds and stories of Idaho across the continent and beyond the seas. Spend some time with this legendary singer and storyteller once described as the “most real person in folk music.”


    Family Matters: An Idaho Love to the End

    by William Studebaker

    One Spud Short: It Came From the Deep
    by Bill Adams

    Road Tripping: Thirty-Six Hours In Idaho

    by Brendan Leonard

    Who We Are: Steam Days

    by Linda J. Henderson

    Fun & Games: Take the Pend Oreille Plunge

    by Dianna Doisi-Winget

    Buddy…His Trials and Treasures: The “23”

    by Will Edwinson

    Front Porch Tales: Father
    by Ginger Beall

    Historical Snapshot: A Town To Be Proud Of: Mountain Home
    by Arthur Hart

    Fish Tales: Idaho Trout
    by Debu Majumdar

    Free Range Verse: Grandma
    by Rosphine Coby


    Boise, Borah Peak, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Fort Hall, Grace, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Lewiston, Mountain Home, Pend Oreille, Weippe