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2004-08, August 2004 (Arco)

2004-08, August 2004 (Arco)


Volume 3, Number 11

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    Substantiating Legends

    by John Davidson

    To a six-year-old boy gazing at washed-out photographs they looked like giant bugs dangling from filaments connected to a silky cocoon. Who were they? They were smoke jumpers, part of an elite group sent out to extinguish fires before they blew up into destructive conflagrations. John Davidson lays out the history of these men who have become McCall legends.

    by Dave Clark

    Arco is a place of transition—where the desert plain meets the mountains, blue streams disappear into black lava, where the urban gives way to the wilds of Idaho. Today, as it has been for over a hundred years, if you need to get around Idaho, sooner or later you will pass through Arco.

    Fair Game of Fair Use?
    by Sands Hall & Arlen Oneida

    When it was discovered that lengthy sections of Mary Hallock Foote’s writing had been used in Wallace Stegner’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel Angle of Repose, a controversy erupted over whether that use was legitimate or was outright plagiarism. Sands Hall and Arlen Oneida explain the controversy, as well as the history of Mary Hallock Foote, one of Idaho’s most overlooked treasures.


    Art Attack: The Wreckreationist

    by Janet Worthington

    Front Porch Tales: Ashes on Mountain Cove
    by Barbara Michener

    The Learning Curve: Whitney Elementary’s Folklife Festival
    by Renée Johns

    One Spud Short: Double Exposure
    by Ann Clizer

    Fiction Contest Third Place Youth Division: Summer of 2003: New Girl in Idaho

    by Carla Alo-Cabalquinto

    Family Matters: A Time to Release
    by Rebecca Goodrich

    Corps of Discovery: Lewis & Clark Stamp
    by Nancy Butler

    Fiction Contest Second Place Youth Division: Toxic Life

    by Kirsten Wang

    Historical Snapshot: Grubbing Sagebrush
    by Arthur Hart


    Arco, Boise, McCall, Orofino, St. Maries, Twin Falls