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2004-09, September 2004 (Payette)

2004-09, September 2004 (Payette)


Volume 3, Number 12

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    Idaho Wine
    by Kathy McIntosh

    Think Idaho agriculture and most of us automatically think potatoes. But while the acreage put into growing our famous spuds is declining, some Idaho farmers are staking a new claim to fame for Idaho agriculture: wine grapes.

    by Tami Hart

    A castle on the Snake River. A French trader and city founder who populated the Pacific Northwest with illegitimate children. A band of vigilantes. These are just some of the unexpected bits of history surrounding the southwestern Idaho city of Payette.

    Small Towns/Big Art

    by Alina Sandor

    Some Idahoans think that if you want art, Boise is the place to go. But what about those charming small towns all across Idaho and the artists who live in them? Isn’t their art worth the trip? Alina Sandor shows us that they are.


    Featured Foliage: Ode to the Huckleberry

    by Sue Izard

    One Spud Short: The Sorrel
    by William Studebaker

    Front Porch Tales: Washtub Tales
    by Ginger Beall

    Renovations: Dreaming Big in Fossil Country
    by Ellie McKinnon

    The Learning Curve: Harriman Park Preservation Field School

    by Sharon Johnson

    Who We Are: The House That Jack Built
    by Marylyn Cork

    Eastern Exposure: The Enders Hotel; The Grand Old Lady of Soda Springs
    by Will Edwinson

    Fiction Contest: The Moebius Strip
    by Conda V. Douglas

    Historical Snapshot: Eskimos in Idaho
    by Arthur Hart


    Bliss, Boise, Buhl, Caldwell, Eagle, Hammett, Harriman State Park, Glenns Ferry, Hailey, Kamiah, Kooskia, Kuna, Moscow, Nampa, Parma, Payette, Post Falls, Priest River, Sagle, Salmon, Sandpoint, Snake River, Soda Springs, Succor Creek, Twin Falls