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2004-11, November 2004 (Bonners Ferry)

2004-11, November 2004 (Bonners Ferry)


Volume 4, Number Two

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    Built in Idaho
    by Arthur Hart

    Without its landmark buildings, how is your town different than any other? Idaho buildings of local, state and national significance are included on the National Register of Historic Places. Here’s a look at those categorical distinctions, plus an examination of the classic architectural styles that shape the many landmarks in Idaho.

    Bonners Ferry—Spotlight
    by Lucy Dukes

    While many towns are considered friendly, Bonners Ferry has an award to show for its amicability. Nestled snugly in the Selkirk and Purcell mountains of northern Idaho, residents and visitors alike are embraced by the town’s friendliness.

    Astronomy in Idaho

    by Paul Verhage

    Interested in looking into the celestial realm? Stargazing opportunities are available at the Gem State’s many planetariums, observatories and star parties. This guide provides an informational start for newcomers on the statewide stargazing scene and an enrichment for those who may have greater astronomy experience.


    One Spud Short: Let’s All Be Dogs

    by William Studebaker

    Senior Adventure: Goatpacking the Sawtooth: Seniors Take Adventurous Trek
    by Margaret Fuller

    Retro City, Daddy-O: Graceland in Meridian? King of Rock Not Forgotten at Retiring Car Dealership
    by Caitlin Copple

    Who We Are: Fifty Years and a Hammer Later

    by Angie Lee

    Front Porch Tales: Here, Kitty
    by Ginger Beall

    School of Tough Barbs: How to Cross A Barbed Wire Fence

    by Dave Clark

    Playing Pioneers: Wagons Ho!
    by Jack Liddell

    Historical Snapshot: Of Indians and Parades
    by Arthur Hart


    Atlanta, Boise, Bonners Ferry, Bruneau, Caldwell, Cascade, Coeur d’Alene, Fairfield, Idaho Falls, Idaho State Centennial Trail, Jerome, Ketchum, Lava Hot Springs, Meridian, Moscow, Pierce, Pocatello, Rexburg, Twin Falls, Weippe