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2004-12, December 2004 (Weiser)

2004-12, December 2004 (Weiser)


Volume 4, Number 3

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    Hemingway at Work: The Wood River Valley Years
    by Caitlin Copple

    While socially active, and occasionally available for publicity photographs, writer Ernest Hemingway usually kept his Idaho work private, even among friends in the Wood River Valley. Here’s a look at the fleeting, but sometimes telling, impressions the literary giant gave some confidants about his work-in-progress during stays in The Gem State (1939-1961).

    by Betty Derig

    If you visit Weiser during National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest and Festival week, get ready for more than a big party, and great entertainment from more than 300 players. You might just fall under the magic spell of string music so sweet that it, “could fiddle all the bugs off a sweet-potato vine.”

    Gliding With Orofino Gold: How Skiing Spurred Idaho’s First Gold Rush
    by Ron Watters

    Although the gold dust panned out of Orofino Creek in the early 1860s was derided by some, I. C. Smith paid no mind. Smith used so-called “long snowshoes,” the forerunners to modern cross-country and downhill skis, as the innovative vehicles that spurred the first gold rush in what would soon become the Idaho Territory.


    That First Snow: New to Idaho in Winter: Excerpted chapter from the book: From the Ganges to the Snake River

    by Debu Majumdar

    Origin of a City Name: From Whence Came Weiser? River Town Apparently Named After Young Explorer on Lewis & Clark Expedition

    by Susan Beitia

    One Spud Short: The Wrong Stuff

    by William Studebaker

    Holiday Memories: an Unexpected Gift From the Heart: Pre-publication excerpt from: Thorns Have Roses, a book the author expects to publish in 2005

    by Suzanne Locklear

    Baseball Essay: A Brush With Whitey Ford: An American Pastime Impression

    by Rick Kmetz

    Deer Stories: A Winter Foreshadowing at Shoup
    by Merle Kearsley

    Front Porch Tales: Moving On, Passing Down
    by Barbara Michener

    Grappling with Growth: Valley County’s Development Challenges: Property Sales Sizzle at New Lake Cascade Ski Resort, Sending Reverberations Through County’s Real Estate Market
    by Alan Rosenberg

    Historical Snapshot: Off to War
    by Arthur Hart


    Boise, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, McCall, Orofino, Pierce, Pocatello, Shoup, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Weiser