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2005-05, May 2005 (Rupert)

2005-05, May 2005 (Rupert)


Volume 4 Number 8

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    Pulitzer: Robinson for Gilead
    by Susan Debaene-Gill

    Ernest Hemingway. Ezra Pound. Vardis Fisher. Patrick McManus. Idaho claims its share of big literary names. The envelope please, for a new one: Marilynne Robinson. A 1962 Coeur d’Alene High School graduate who was born in Sandpoint, Robinson recently won the Pulitzer Prize for her second novel, Gilead. Here, the famous writer gives Idaho due credit for her formative years.

    Rupert—Spotlight City
    by Lisa Dayley

    With a modern town square, edifying events, and an ongoing restoration project at its landmark Wilson Theatre, Rupert could easily borrow the movie title “Back to the Future” to describe itself. A south-central Idaho farm town, Rupert seeks to shape its future by restoring its past.

    Cloud of Darkness: Silver Anniversary of disastrous Mount St. Helen’s Eruption Stirs Unforgettable Memories
    by Barbara K. Rostad

    Nearly twenty-five years ago, thousands of people in North Idaho witnessed the “eerie” ash fallout that had drifted into the area from the volcanic eruption at Washington state’s Mount St. Helen. This article explores the action and aftermath of the geologic event, perspectives of health officials, geologists, and many North Idaho residents about the unforgettable cataclysm of May 18, 1980.


    Letter to the Editor: Letter from Iraq, by SPC Bill Arsenault. City of Nampa Firefighter/Paramedic

    Fiction Contest: 2005 Award Winners!

    Music Makers: Jazzman Curtis Stigers; Boisean Stays True to His Heart, by Ryan Peck

    For What it’s Worth: A Gold Miner and Basalt, by Steve Koehler

    A Rail Fan’s Journal: Why I Like Shoshone; Taking in the Transportation Sights, by Forrest Lampe

    The Corps Score: Caritas Chorale; Group to Perform Musical Piece commemorating Lewis & Clark, Sacajawea in Idaho, by Karen Bossick

    One Spud Short: Language is a Crazy Thing, by William Studebaker

    Front Porch Tales: Honeymoon Meadows, by Barbara Michener

    A Shared Topic: Forged in Fire; Essays by Idaho Writers, by Josephine Jones

    Meteorological Angler: Fishing Weatherman; The Best Job on the Planet, by Gordon Rich

    Shoup stories: Return to the Past, by Merle Kearsley

    Historical Snapshot: A Splashy Cooling Down, by Arthur Hart

    Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Coolin, Grangeville, Ketchum, Mount St. Helens, Rupert, Sagle, Sandpoint, Shoshone, Shoup, Soda Springs, Spirit Lake, Stolle Meadows, Twin Falls