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2005-12, December 2005 (Parma)

2005-12, December 2005 (Parma)


Volume 5, Number 3

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    A Taste of Idaho
    by Sarah Huebner

    Maine has its lobster (replete with annual lobster festivals). Louisiana has its spicy Cajun cuisine. Alaska has its king salmon. And Florida has its, well…oranges. Idaho, of course, has its Famous Potatoes. While marketed well outside Idaho, however, those celebrity spuds have been in short supply at times at in-state retail locations. So, what kind of tasty cuisine do we really have here? Find out in this centerpiece story, the entrée of a holiday season food package that focuses on Idaho’s fine food.

    Parma—Spotlight City

    by Betty Derig

    Near the present-day Parma location, there was once a mighty frontier fort. For many years during the 19th Century, that fort was primarily a trading post with a strong British presence–indicated by the Union Jack, which fluttered above the fort for twenty-one years. Eventually named Old Fort Boise, it was the hub for many 19th Century fur traders and westward-bound Oregon trail pioneers. Old Fort Boise Days, every June, is now the main event in Parma, a Treasure Valley town that has grown a strong agricultural base.

    Stagecoach Sunset
    Cathy Koon

    During World War I, Yellowstone National Park in western Wyoming made way for the newfangled automobile by bringing to a close the era of stagecoaches in the park. Our writer tells the saga of Wilmer Cadmus Green, her great-grandfather, an eastern Idaho resident, and part of the park’s last group of stagecoach drivers.


    Chef par excellence: The making of a master cook; Coeur d’Alene Resort’s Rod Jessick started at the lowest rung of the restaurant business, by Sarah Huebner

    Recipe Contest: Announcing the 2005 winners!

    Spicy sweet treats: Cowgirl Chocolates; This “Cowgirl” Likes It Hot
    by Margo Aragon

    Fresh produce pickin’s: Farmers’ Markets in Idaho; Executive Chef: Idahoans have access to fresh, evolved food
    by Randy King

    Hiking Idaho: The Trek; Weiser River Trail, Story told by first hiker to make the ninety-mile journey a continuous trip

    by David Walker

    Crash landing at Loon Lake: The “Dragon Bomber” and its storied demise north of McCall nearly sixty-three years ago
    by Philip A. Janquart

    Book critic’s corner: Three must-reads; The Deep Dark, Echoes from the Ada County Courthouse, Triple Crown Winner; The Earl Sande Saga, Tragedy to Triumph reviewed by Kitty Fleischman

    Fiction Contest 2005: Once Upon a Fishing Trip; Judge’s Choice, Adult Division
    by William B. Carter, Jr.

    Studebaker says: The Wild Cow Society
    by William Studebaker

    Buddy…his trials and treasures: World War II Holiday Memories
    by Will Edwinson

    Music Makers: Pocatello Songsmith Steve Eaton

    by Ryan Peck

    Historical Snapshot: Harvesting the Ice
    by Arthur Hart


    American Falls, Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Garden Valley, Grace, Hagerman, Hailey, Ketchum, McCall, Melba, Moscow, Nampa, New Meadows, Parma, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Silver City, Twin Falls, Wallace, Weiser, Weiser River, Yellowstone National Park