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2006-02, February 2006 (Hayden)

2006-02, February 2006 (Hayden)


Volume 5 Number 5

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    Continental Flight 1713
    by Philip A. Janquart

    On Sunday, November 15, 1987, eighty-two people boarded Continental Flight 1713, the only available flight from Denver to Boise. Weather conditions, described at Stapleton International Airport as an all-out blizzard, forced flight cancellations across the board. A deluge of standby passengers had waited eagerly to hear if they would be lucky enough to get a seat. As fate would have it, the “lucky” ones were those left behind. With ice built up on its wings, the twin-engine DC-9 barely got off the ground before crashing. Fifty-four passengers survived, including one who turned tragedy into a journey of faith and reconciliation.

    Hayden—Spotlight City
    by Jerry Manter

    With about 13, 000 residents, Hayden has more than tripled in population over the past fifteen years, and it’s no wonder why. Seven miles north of Coeur d’Alene, Hayden is itself a recreation haven, boasting beautiful Hayden Lake and Honeysuckle Beach, an indoor water park, city park, golf course, and bustling business district. Hayden is striving to preserve its small-town, friendly atmosphere despite its growing pains, and proudly calls itself “a village community.”

    When Women Rode Broncs and Bulls
    by Louise Shadduck

    Once upon a time, not so long ago, women, too, rode bucking broncs and bulls. These cowgirls–born to the saddle–rose to stardom in rodeo arenas across the West, and even in New York City. Bonnie McCarroll’s death in 1929–a result of injuries she received in the Pendleton Roundup bucking contest–is cited as ending bronc riding for women. But cowgirls today, including champion Jan Youren, are reviving the sport of riding rough stock.


    Rock of Ages: Jerome firefighters create a monument for the ages, by Dixie Thomas Reale

    Hometown Heroes: Faces of Freedom; Jill’s Place pays tribute to heroes, by Dick Marler

    Studebaker Says: The Bookshelf Legacy, by William Studebaker

    Inquisitive Kids: Wildlife Detectives; Idaho Fish and Game’s CSI Wildlife program, by Karen Rudolph

    Small Fry: Just an Ordinary Fisherman, by Les Tanner

    Northern Exposure: Winter Treasures at Coeur d’Alene Lake, by Susan E. Mitchell

    One Spud Short: Annual Physical, by Merle Kearsley

    Hidden Heroes: The Little Engine That Could, by Linda S. Funaiole

    Mother’s Memories: Sledding by the Old Mercury Mine, by Donna L. Peterson

    Music Makers: Sound designer Peter Still; Classically trained musician is a sound force behind the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Boise Contemporary Theatre, by Ryan Peck

    2005 Recipe Contest: Mesquite Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Roasted Vegetables; Second Place, Main Course, by Gus Fitzgerald

    Historical Snapshot: Having Fun in a Flood, by Arthur Hart

    American Falls, Boise, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Crouch, Garden Valley, Hayden, Jerome, Lewiston, Melba, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Salmon, Shoup, Twin Falls, Weiser