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2006-08, August 2006 (Priest River)

2006-08, August 2006 (Priest River)


Volume 5 Number 11

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    Leland Howard—Image Artist 
    by Lynna Howard

    What does it take to succeed in the intensely competitive industry of wilderness photography? How does one capture on film the images most of us only dream about? Lynna Howard shares the secrets of her brother’s success—from marketing to negotiating with rangers, from swimming and levitation and death-defying driving to llama wrangling (yes, llama wrangling). Lynna and Leland know Idaho’s backcountry like most people know their own backyards. Once you’ve read about how Leland gets the great shots, you’ll no longer think of them as simply “pretty.”

    Priest River—Spotlight City
    by Marylyn Cork

    Priest River, population 1,750, sits in a beautiful location between two rivers surrounded by forests and mountains. A thriving logging community, it was the fastest-growing city in Idaho in 1920. Like most Northwest logging towns, though, it hit a slump in the 1980s. Today, Priest River has embraced its logging heritage, overcoming obstacles and a mindset of being “poor, broke, and blighted.” A recent burst of growth and a revitalization of the downtown have put the town on the “cusp of change.”

    Shootout with Big Red
    by Dan Strawn

    Set in 1940s Meridian, Dan Strawn’s witty melodrama has the makings of a real-life Western. Big Red, Grandpa’s prize-winning Rhode Island Red rooster and the drama’s black hat, rules the Badlands. He terrorizes the author, then six years old, only to meet the blunt end of Grandma’s wrath. It’s a coup in the coop that puts Big Red on the chopping block, breaks Grandpa’s heart, and brings freedom back to the Badlands.


    Letters to the editor: by Marylyn Cork & Jess Walters

    Out of this World: The Mars Rover Challenge; Idaho TECH program fosters early love of science, math, by Leah Andrews

    Breaking Ground: Sagebrush, kids, and siphon tubes; Veterans homesteaded the desert north of Rupert in the 1950s, by Boyd Bingham

    Music Makers: ‘In House’ with Jeremy Petersen; Montpelier native expands musical horizons through the airwaves, by Ryan Peck

    Roots and Shoots: Trimming the raspberries; Discovering the cycle of life in a backyard berry patch, by Les Tanner

    Studebaker Says: The perfect match, by William Studebaker

    Small Fry: Learning the fine art of fishing, by Rhoda M. Sanford

    Life’s Lessons: A scientific experiment gone awry, by Chris Goettsche

    A Tangled Maze: Dusty Daisies; Part II, by Celeste Killeen

    Dads and Daughters: Harmonica, by Jennifer Gelband

    Recipe Contest: Heavenly deviled eggs, by Shirley Lund & Kathy Warren

    August Contributors

    Boise, Caldwell, Montpelier, Moscow, Nampa, Oldtown, Pend Oreille River, Pocatello, Post Falls, Priest River, Rupert, Sagle, Shelley, Soda Springs, Twin Falls, Weiser, Yellow Pine