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2007-01, January 2007 (Oldtown)

2007-01, January 2007 (Oldtown)


Volume 6 Number 4

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    Kevin Kirk 
    by Martha Ripple

    The general perception about performing artists among people in this state is that, if they are any good at all, why are they working here in Idaho? Shouldn’t they be back in New York recording, acting, or starving on the streets and paying their dues? Kevin Kirk and his band, Onomatopoeia, demonstrate every day, and with every performance, that art can be created anywhere that artists call home.

    Oldtown—Spotlight City 
    by Marylyn Cork

    Once called Newport, this small town gained its name when most of the town picked up and moved to the other side of the Pend Oreille River, taking the name with them. The remaining residents referred to the place as Oldtown, and the name stuck. Now two blocks wide and five blocks long, Oldtown may be small in size, but it makes up for the lack of expanse with an abundance of heart and community spirit.

    Wilson Rawls 
    by Bill Corbett

    Woodrow Wilson Rawls is best remembered as the author of the classic children’s books Where the Red Fern Grows and The Summer of the Monkeys. Both are stories about a young boy growing up in a poor family, who makes his first long strides toward adulthood through hard work, faith, intelligence, and the love of a good dog (or two). What is less known is that Rawls experienced precisely the sort of childhood he wrote about, and when he left home, he traveled widely, working in many places and at many trades. One of those places was Idaho, and he lived here for almost twenty years. This is where he met his wife, married, and wrote both of his books.


    Letter to the Editor: by Joann Judd

    Book Review: Growing Up With Jessica by James Walker, reviewed by Kitty Fleischman

    Top of the World: Life on Tripod Lookout in the 1930s, by P.E. (Bill) Cherry

    Retrospective: Cowboys and Sheepherders in the 1920s; They Were Tough Men With Marshmallows for Hearts, by Roberta H. Green

    Historical Snapshot: When the Flying Circus Came to Idaho, by Arthur Hart

    Profile: Edith Miller Klein; Number Seventeen Among the First Fifty Women in Idaho Law, by Debora K. Kristensen

    Small Town Flavor: Fishing with Heber Stock, by Kathy Davidson

    Family Matters: Remembering the Jason Event, by E. Coston Frederick

    Studebaker Says: Mother Goose Wins the Smoker, by William Studebaker

    One Spud Short: Sharin’ a Meal, by Betty Bishop Corrigan

    Fish Tales: Idaho Catfish Paradise, by Mary Syrett

    January Contributors

    Bear Lake, Boise, Caldwell, Challis, Fish Haven, Idaho Falls, Oldtown, Tripod Lookout, Twin Falls