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2007-06, June 2007 (Bliss)

2007-06, June 2007 (Bliss)


Volume 6 Number 9

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    Grangeville Border Days
    by David Rauzi

    Held for three days over the Fourth of July, Border Days is a Grangeville extravaganza, and a celebration of everything a small but vigorous town can provide. For one hundred years, this Camas Prairie town has blown off some steam and celebrated hard, with rodeos, a blizzard of events, and assorted wild happenings. It is the time “when Grangeville draws her children home to visit and to reminisce, and a time for residents to showcase the strength of rural America — the spirit of community.”

    Bliss—Spotlight City
    by Kelly Kast

    “Located on the western edge of the Magic Valley and skirted to the south by the Snake River and the north by the rugged Bennett Mountains, the town of Bliss is a quiet, unassuming community whose tenacious spirit is as constant as the desert winds.” Waxing and waning in population over the past one hundred years, Bliss is a study in how a town survives adversity, and continues on, resolutely, into the future.

    Urban Wild; Public Parks in Idaho
    by Steve Anderson, Bill Corbett & Margo Aragon

    Throughout the state, there are countless wonderful places for families, friends, and groups to gather and recreate. Our local parks, for example, are the crown jewels of our communities, and we all, at one time or another, take advantage of their amenities. On the other hand, we rarely give a lot of thought to why they are where they are, how we acquire the land to build them, and who the people are that they are named after. So, with a little help from some friends, we take a look at several public parks throughout the state.


    Growing Pains: The Mom’s Seat, Ann Clizer

    Outdoor Sports: It’s a Blast, by Barbara A. Scott

    Family Matters: Gardening With Dale, by Connie B. Otteson

    Studebaker Says: Twelve Steps to Cellular Confusion, by William Studebaker

    Tales of the Trail: Boy Scout Daze, by Dene Oneida

    Music Makers: Music Festivals in Idaho; Summer’s here, and the time is right for catching live music, by Ryan Peck

    Fish Tales: Mystery Angler, by Les Tanner

    Idaho Conservation: What’s Happening to Idaho’s Snake River Sturgeon, by William Strange

    Recipe Contest: Country Farm Brunch, by Marilyn Aggeler & Lemon Cheesecake, by Kay Kelley

    June Contributors

    Bliss, Boise, C.J. Strike Dam, Caldwell, Grangeville, Idaho Falls, Moscow, Pocatello, Sandpoint, Snake River, Stanley, Swan Falls, Twin Falls, Weiser