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2007-09, September 2007 (Picabo)

2007-09, September 2007 (Picabo)


Volume 6 Number 12

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    Ray Holes Saddle Company; A Cowboy Tradition 
    by Janet Williamson

    In Grangeville, the working cowboy can find the tools of his trade. For almost seventy years, some of the finest “using” saddles have been made, by hand, at the Ray Holes Saddle Co. A commitment to excellence, uncanny durability, and word of mouth have combined to create an enduring legion of Ray Holes customers and friends.

    Picabo—Spotlight City
    by Karen Bossick

    Located thirty-seven miles south of Sun Valley, Picabo is the home of the Silver Creek Preserve, a private/public nature reserve administered by The Nature Conservancy. And that is only one portion of the natural beauty that Picabo offers to visitors and the people who live and work there.

    From Idaho to Kirkuk
    by Debu Majumdar

    Like members of the military all across the US, members of the Idaho National Guard have played a part in the ongoing war in Iraq. And, while there was a great deal of culture shock while living and working in a new and often dangerous environment, these men and women bring back enduring memories of their tours in an ancient and war-torn land.


    Who We Are: Oldest Barber in the State Retires, by Rodney D. Boam

    Northern Exposure: Huckleberry Tent & Breakfast, by Desire Aguirre

    Family Matters: Becoming Idahoans, by Terry Allen

    Animal Kingdom: Wilderness Standoffs, by Joe Glymour

    Life’s Lessons: Personal Standards, by Ann Clizer

    Profile: Lane Russell; Artist, by Cassandra Cridland

    Fiction Contest Winner: Fillmore’s Magic Elixir, by Les Tanner

    One Spud Short: Double Barrel Ten Gauge, by Bill Corbett

    Studebaker Says: Axel Rose and Thunder, by William Studebaker

    Recipe Contest: Mom’s Beef Stroganoff, by Mary Beth Mowry

    September Contributors

    Boise, Caldwell, Clark Fork, Grangeville, Idaho Falls, Picabo, Pocatello, Preston, Sandpoint, Soda Springs, Twin Falls