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2007-11, November 2007 (Driggs)

2007-11, November 2007 (Driggs)


Volume 7 Number 2

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    Radio Link to Space
    by Claire McLean

    A part of the original Teacher in Space program, Idaho educator Barbara Morgan ended up training for ten years before taking her place on board an active space shuttle mission. She recently accomplished her goal, and in the process, taught some Idaho schoolchildren a lot about space, NASA, and what it takes to be an astronaut.

    Driggs—Spotlight City
    by Lynna Howard

    Nestled beneath the Grand Tetons is Driggs, the largest town in Idaho’s beautiful Teton Valley. Home to about eighteen hundred people and to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, Driggs is growing by leaps and bounds. Houses and businesses are not the only things under construction—new cultural activities spring up seemingly overnight.

    Mountain Goat Transplant
    by Dale Toweill

    When the habitat for mountain goats in one area becomes too crowded, one of the best methods for stabilizing the population is to transplant some of the goats to vacant habitat elsewhere. In this instance, mountain goats, captured in Utah, are now calling the mountains around Salmon their new home.


    Profile: Larry Ramos; He’s been everywhere, man, by Lorie Palmer

    Studebaker Says: The Boy Who Could Fly, by William Studebaker

    Life’s Lessons: Playing the Field, by Ann Clizer

    Outdoor Sports: Snowshoeing in Idaho, by Joe Zentner

    Northern Exposure: After Winter, Comes Spring, by Marylyn Cork

    Fish Tales: The Trophy, by Les Tanner

    The Learning Curve: Idaho Transplant, by Kimberly Moncur

    Good Neighbors: Threshing Time, by Maurice V. Hansen

    Retrospective: How Pocatellans Told Time, by Bill Ryan

    Tales of the Trail: Helicopter Douses a Sagle Fire, by Desire Aguirre

    Book Review: Lessons With Love; Tales of Teaching and Learning in a Small Town High School, by Marianne Love; Reviewed by Sheila Winther

    Recipe Contest: Irene’s Hot Crab Dip, by Patti Henderson & Soft Pretzels, by Niki Romani

    November Contributors

    Boise, Caldwell, Driggs, Grangeville, Haynes Creek, Idaho Falls, McCall, Pocatello, Priest River, Sagle, Salmon, Sandpoint, Twin Falls