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2008-02, February 2008 (Meridian)

2008-02, February 2008 (Meridian)


Volume 7 Number 5

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    My Private Idaho
    by Dora Rollins

    Located near the border between Idaho and Utah, the City of Rocks is prized for its mammoth granite formations and beautiful, stark wilderness. Campers, hikers, and, particularly, climbers, think of it as a necessary part of their world, just distant enough from civilization to keep it special and unspoiled.

    Meridian—Spotlight City
    by Linda Funaiole

    From its earliest days as an agricultural town through days of stagnation and then amazing growth, Meridian has remained a place with a secure sense of its own identity. For years the fastest growing municipality in the state, it is well on its way to becoming a regional powerhouse, both economically and socially.

    Surviving POST
    by Jana Kemp

    Individuals looking for careers in law enforcement throughout Idaho will almost certainly attend the POST Academy, where rigorous training is tempered with a strong sense of public responsibility. The author, a graduate of the academy, details the process that turns a civilian into an officer of the law.


    Growing Things: Greenhouse Tomatoes, by Beth Cofer

    Letter to the Editor: Book Review, by Ross V. Walker

    Music Makers: Making Sound is Jason Ringelstetter’s Dream Job, by Ryan Peck

    Southern Exposure: History of the City of Rocks, by Gena K. Lott

    Rock and a Hard Place: High and Dry, by Les Tanner

    Retrospective: The Worst Winter, by Bill Ryan

    Preserving the Past: Idaho Retiree Restores Tractors & Engines, by Cecil Hicks

    Family Matters: A Good Bargain, by Dallin C. Moon

    Life’s Lessons: Not a Fisherman, by Dene Oneida

    Tricks of the Trade: Learning the Lost Art of Chair Caning, by Lorie Palmer

    Who We Are: Living with Unexpected Realities, by Vincent Kituku

    Cowboy Poetry: Cloud of Dust, by Wallace J. Swenson

    Recipe Contest: Sesame Steak, by Austin Prince & Elderberry Chocolate Supremes by Zooey Byram

    February Contributors

    Boise, Caldwell, City of Rocks National Reserve, Coeur d’Alene, Grangeville, Homedale, Meridian, Montpelier, Paul, Pocatello, Rexburg, Sandpoint