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2008-03, March 2008 (Bruneau)

2008-03, March 2008 (Bruneau)


Volume 7 Number 6

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    “Ants” or “Antz” Basin: A Question Resolved
    by Jim Ridenour

    There are many mysteries, small and large, throughout the Gem State. Sometimes, they deal with how something acquired its name, and, often, the most logical explanation is not the correct one. The questions themselves, however, can lead the curious down interesting—and unexpected—paths.

    Bruneau—Spotlight City
    by Phil Janquart

    Bruneau lies adjacent to the Snake River depression, high desert plateaus, and the great sand dunes that bear its name. Life in the Valley of Tall Grass has always reflected the values of its past, and as the modern world encroaches, residents intend to accept those changes on their own terms.

    Restoration: Our Beautiful Capitol Building
    by Dean Worbois

    Idaho’s iconic domed Capitol is, perhaps, the most recognizable building in the state. The seat of government since 1912, it is fast approaching a century of service, and was beginning to show its age. At present, it is undergoing extensive renovations, and, in pictures and words, we have this opportunity to see how the work is progressing.


    Whitewater Ways: North Idaho Spring Kayaking, by M.D. Kincaid

    By the Wayside: Pine Creek Tavern, by Larry Tritten

    How We Were: My Dad at the St. Louis World’s Fair, by Bill Ryan

    Studebaker Says: Spring Greenery, by William Studebaker

    Off the Beaten Path: Back-Road Surprise, by Les Tanner

    Recipe Contest: Ibrahim Ebed’s Middle Eastern Lentil Soup by Ibrahim Ebed, Lebanese Cabbage Rolls by Kay Kelley, and Paulmikis by Father W. Thomas Faucher

    March Contributors

    Antz Basin, Avery, Boise, Bruneau, Caldwell, Pocatello, Smelterville, Twin Falls