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2008-04, April 2008 (White Bird)

2008-04, April 2008 (White Bird)


Volume 7 Number 7

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    Three Kings: Soda Springs Success
    by Bill Corbett

    Sometimes, growing up in a small town produces young people who are in a hurry to achieve success. Three men from Soda Springs, roughly contemporary in age, have achieved national and international notoriety in fields as disparate as finance and the performing arts. Their stories show what ambition can achieve.

    White Bird—Spotlight City
    by Margo Aragon

    For many years, White Bird was a small town that survived on logging, ranching, and its geographical location, being the gateway to Hells Canyon and the many wilderness areas surrounding it. Now, it is a town in transition, treasuring its past while one foot reaches into the future.

    Backcountry Flying
    by Richard Holm, Jr.

    The wilds and mountains of central Idaho are constant obstacles to communicating and resupplying the men and women who live and work there. Given the lack of workable alternatives, airborne mail and supply services have been a lifeline to the people of Idaho’s backcountry. This is their story.


    Fish Tales: Trout; Idaho’s Other Crop, by Cecil Hicks

    Music Makers: Rock 101;Idaho’s Mitzi Mecham finds success in helping kids find their inner rock-star, by Ryan Peck

    Road Tripping: U.S. Route 30; Driving Through Idaho BTI (Before the Interstate), by Les Tanner

    Family Matters: Sisterhood, by Ann Clizer

    The Learning Curve: Idaho’s Most Advanced Testing Facility; My Mother’s Kitchen, by Dallin Moon

    Favorite Relatives: My Sunflower; Remembering Grandpa, by Hailey Russell

    Fiction Contest: First Place Adult Division; Wagon Fire, by Bruce Bash

    Good Neighbors: From Hospital to Hotel; Renovation and Renewal, by Lisa Dayley

    Recipe Contest: Swedish Pancakes by Gunnar Lundgren, Gingered Chicken Noodles by Travis Stotts, and Maple Sponge Pudding Cake by Stacey Kemper

    April Contributors

    Boise, Buhl, Caldwell, Eden, Gooding, Sandpoint, Soda Springs, Twin Falls, U.S. Route 30, White Bird