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2008-05, May 2008 (Eagle)

2008-05, May 2008 (Eagle)


Volume 7 Number 8

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    Baseball & Mining: Working to Play Ball
    by Lowell Vanskike

    There was a time when every small town had a baseball team, or maybe even several. The same thing happened in north Idaho when mining towns had local teams, and the businesses—including the mines—sponsored the fun. And the players very much played to win.

    Eagle—Spotlight City
    by Linda Funiaole

    Once a sleepy community on the far outskirts of Boise, Eagle has developed its own unique identity. With its interesting combination of urban fun, rural lifestyle, and cutting edge amenities, Eagle is fast becoming a powerful presence, both politically and economically.

    Hoxie Brothers: Idaho Film Pioneers
    by Larry Telles

    In the early days of the film industry, before the silent films gave way to the talkies, many people with an appropriate look had significant movie careers. This was the case for two north Idaho brothers who found a little fame, a little fortune, and celluloid immortality.


    Family Matters: May Suits My Mood, by Desiré Aguirre

    Tricks of the Trade: Tanning Hides Requires Brains, by B.J. Campbell

    Wild Wetlands: Fens in Sawtooth Valley, by Margaret Fuller

    Studebaker Says: Shock Therapy, by William Studebaker

    Retrospective: First Territorial Governor, by Marylyn Cork & Nancy Covert

    The Name Game: She Claimed to Have Named the State, by Marylyn Cork

    Animal Kingdom: Treed, by Lori Corbett

    Good Sports: Stuck Between a Kayak and a Cold Spot, by Jennifer Rova

    Who We Are: One Life in the Last Hundred Years, by Dene Oneida

    Good Neighbors: Before the Saddle Cooled, by Amy McClellan

    Recipe Contest: Pizza Alfredo by Jenna DeMoss, Cinnamon Tortilla Petite Fours by David Knickrehm

    May Contributors

    Burke, Coeur d’Alene, Eagle, Gem, Idaho Falls, Kellogg, Lake Pend Oreille, Meridian, Mullan, Pocatello, Rathdrum. Sandpoint, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Shoshone, Twin Falls, Wallace, Wardner