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2008-06, June 2008 (Athol)

2008-06, June 2008 (Athol)


Volume 7 Number 10

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    Preparing to Hunt: Wolves in Idaho
    by Dale Toweill

    The reintroduction of the grey wolf in Idaho has been entirely successful, if unwanted in some quarters. Now that wolves are no longer considered an endangered species, wolf populations in Idaho are now under the supervision of Idaho Fish and Game, and the department is now developing regulations to allow for limited hunting of these predators.

    Buhl—Spotlight City
    by Kelly Kast

    From its founding by pioneering businessman Frank Buhl to the present day, the “Trout Capital of the World” has survived the hard times and thrived whenever it could. To its residents, Buhl is both home and a way of life.

    Wings & Annex: The State Capitol
    by Dean Worbois

    The picturesque and carefully maintained grounds on either side of Idaho’s Statehouse are gone, and an enlarged and renewed Capitol takes shape in their places. We take a look behind the chain link fences to explore the new additions to the old building, and examine the temporary quarters occupied by the Legislature and the displaced state agencies.


    Tricks of the Trade: Garden Guardian; Meridian ‘green thumb’ discovers mutated grape, new walnut strain, by Linda Funaiole

    Snapshots: Lady in Red, by Nancy Covert

    The Name Game: Lincoln’s Links to Idaho, by Carla Strunk

    Out to Pasture: The Rescue, by Martha Green

    Small Town Flavor: Fouth Generation Family Business to Close after 106 Years; Miller Hardware will shut its doors in the fall, by Lorie Palmer

    One Spud Short: The Misadventures of Chief P.U., by Marie Strong

    Retrospective: Did Shoshone County Turn 150 Years Old This Year?, by Ron Roizen

    Recipe Contest: Idaho Steelhead Cakes with Cherry Vinegarette, by Maureen Theiler, Jocie’s Strawberry Shortcake by Jocielyne Klant & Donna’s Macaroni Salad, by Maryann Merrick

    July Contributors

    Boise, Buhl, Grangeville, Meridian, New Meadows, Plummer, Priest River, Shoshone County