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2008-09, September 2008 (New Meadows)

2008-09, September 2008 (New Meadows)


Volume 7 Number 12

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    Aim Between the Eyes:The Education of a Gentleman Farmer
    by Bill Gruber

    Can you be fond of your pig, yet willing to turn it into pork? What does it do to the local Zeitgeist to bring down an animal weighing a sizeable fraction of a ton? Perhaps there’s more in such questions than we can hope to answer.

    New Meadows—Spotlight City
    by Rob & Marie Strong

    When the railroad came in 1911 the line didn’t stop in Meadows, but in a planned town to be called New Meadows. That made a lot of Meadows residents unhappy. The train’s long gone now, but it could be that a few resentments linger.

    The Man Who Became a Mountain: Prospector George Blackmon’s Remarkable Life
    by Jim Ridenour

    Born into slavery, separated as a toddler from his mother and educated by a white family, George Z. Blackmon was freed and went West. For many years he prospected and mined in the White Clouds, where a mountain still bears his name.


    Around the Bend: Trout in the Grass; Something Fishy Near Good Grief, by Marylyn Cork

    Good Neighbors: Giving It Away; Montpelier Citizens Offer Themselves Some Free Health Care, by Les Tanner

    Winged Things: Morley and Clyde, by Bill Ryan

    Idaho Writer: From the Wild West to You; Linda Sandifer’s Stories Are Inspired by an Upbringing on the Range, by Bill Corbett

    One Spud Short: Grandpa and a Plague of Snakes, by DeLoris Henscheid

    Profile: Boyd and the Meter Stick; Adventures with a Mathematics Professor, by Les Tanner

    Retrospective: The Regional Sublime; A Tribute to William Studebaker, by Ron McFarland, and William Studebaker; Outdoorsman and Poet, by Ron McFarland

    Recipe Contest: Albondigas Soup, by Marcia Lundgren, French Dip Sandwiches, by Marcia Lundgren

    September Contributors

    Boise, Blackfoot, Blackman Peak, Caldwell, Good Grief, Montpelier, Moscow, New Meadows, Rigby, Twin Falls