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2009-02, February 2009 (Cocolalla)

2009-02, February 2009 (Cocolalla)


Volume 8 Number 5

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    Kick-and-Glide Goes Upscale
    by Karen Bossick

    These days, the glamor of downhill skiing in Sun Valley is getting competition from its Nordic or cross-country cousin, which is rejuvenating itself after a long history in the area.

    Cocolalla—Spotlight City
    by Jennifer Lamont Leo

    Get past the unusual name and you’ll find an often overlooked town with a logging and ice-making history on a gorgeous lake the locals have restored to pristine condition.

    Salmon River Schoolmarm: If You Homeschool Up Slate Creek, Keep an Eye Out for the Wolves
    by Phil Homan

    Public school teacher Marilyn Brower, who homeschooled the boys of Idaho country western star Muzzie Braun up Slate Creek, talks about wolves, tourists, books, and how to help a kid become a good citizen.


    Editorial: A Place for Voices, by Steve Bunk

    Idaho Artist: Soul on Canvas; How Hayden Artist Edward Gilmore Painted Himself Out of a Corner, by Kevin Penelerick

    A Winter’s Tale: When Hell Froze Over; Lloyd Overmon Never Made Mistakes, Except Once, in the Winter of 1948, by Loy Ann Bell

    Veterinary Medicine: Must Love Cats and Dogs; Idahoans Don’t Just Like Their Pets, They Treat Them Like Family, by Mary Gilbert

    Literacy: The Town That Reads Together; In the Teton Valley, Literacy is a Joint Venture, by Lisa Nyren

    Idaho Photographer: Make Your Own Light; A Commercial Photographer Offers A Lesson on Seizing the Moment, by Brad Norton

    This Fishing Life: Cisco Fever; At Bear Lake, People Fish in Winter For a Species Found Nowhere Else, by Dianna Troyer

    Recipe Contest: Marinated Flat Iron with Chimichurri, by Dustan Bristol and Cheesy Crab Casserole, by Diana Sherman

    February Contributors

    Bear Lake, Boise, Clayton, Cocolalla, Driggs, Filer, Hayden, Sun Valley