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2009-05, May 2009 (Lowell)

2009-05, May 2009 (Lowell)


Volume 8 Number 8

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    Backstage With Tuba: Not Exactly Glam, But the Music Prevails
    by Russell Richardson

    This musician’s-eye view of the Washington Idaho Symphony doesn’t spare the performers—but the performance is a labor of love.

    Lowell—Spotlight City
    by Margo Aragon

    Here’s to the town that doesn’t exist. For a place without even a postal address, Lowell sure draws the crowds. Once you get to the three rivers country, the attraction is easy to understand.

    Hiding in the Deep: Have You Ever Wondered What Lurks in the Lake
    by Heather Solsvik

    Monster sturgeon? Possibly, but also sunken boats, silver ore, gold watches, refrigerators, boxcars, airplanes, and kitchen sinks repose beneath the surfaces of our northern lakes.


    Editorial: Back Fence Gossip, by Steve Bunk

    Photo Feature: On Non-fishing; A Lifelong Angler Sees More to Fishing Than Fish, by Les Tanner

    Job Report: Saturday Night at the Airport; In Twin Falls, the Quietest Nights Are Best, if You Can Spot the Action, by Forrest Lampe

    Native Son: Remember the Pueblo; The Life and Times of Commander Lloyd Bucher, by Bill Ryan

    Annals of Justice: Judge Boomer and Me; Guilty as Sin, the Culprit Lunches with His Honor, by Dean Worbois

    History of Transport: Strange Day in Hagerman; An Unexpected Convergence of Ferry Founders’ Progeny, by M.J. Freeman

    Treasure Hunt: George Blackmon’s Dream; How an Oldtime Prospector Just Missed a Major Strike, by Jim Ridenour

    Reminiscence: Morning on the Snake; Coming Home to Fish is Familiar, Yet New, by Steve John

    Recipe Contest: Asian Grilled Salmon Salad, by Jayne Black; and Ranch Beans, by Cecil Hicks

    May Contributors

    Blackfoot, Boise, Cascade, Coeur d’Alene, Deer Trail Mine, Hagerman, Lewiston, Lowell, Pocatello, Twin Falls