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2009-08, August 2009 (Murphy Hot Springs)

2009-08, August 2009 (Murphy Hot Springs)


Volume 8 Number 11

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    Highway 95 Revisited

    by Les Tanner

    Our man afield travels upstate the old way, seeking out twists and turns the highway took before improvements began in 1960.

    Murphy Hot Springs—Spotlight City

    by Philip A. Homan

    This desert oasis far off the beaten track bears a rich history of gold, banditry, and horses.

    A Farmwife’s Tale

    by Geraldine Mathias

    Nora Stamm chronicled early 20th Century life near Blackfoot. Her memoir attests to the extraordinary effort required to farm, raise children, and survive back then.


    Editorial: The Good Stuff, by Steve Bunk

    Portfolio: Faces from the Land; Two Decades of Chronicling Powwow Tradition, Reviewed by Kitty Delorey Fleischman

    A Road Not Taken: Our Way or the Highway; During the Depression, Grangeville Almost Got a Road It Didn’t Want, by Lori Palmer

    Bordello Tales: Madam Lake; When Boom Times Hit Ashton, Its Brothel Complex Lay Waiting, by Neal Wickham

    Silver Mining: Fire in the Hole; An Underground Mine Tour Revives Memories of the Real Thing, by Lowell Vanskike

    Reminiscence: The Threshing Machine; Seventy-five feet of Distance Would Do, by Bill Corbett

    Screenwriting: The Death of Innocence; Idaho Screenwriters Discover The Joy and Tyranny of the Script, by Sherry Cann

    Essay: Reflections on a Horse; An Unbroken Mare Sparks Musings on Horsemen Past, by Tony Jones

    Refugee Lives: Growing Again; Refugees Recover in Idaho’s Gardens, by Pat McCoy Rohleder

    Recipe Contest: Ratatouille, by Jayden MacArthur & Kyle Sullivan; and Zucchini Casserole, by Diana Sherman

    August Contributors

    Ashton, Blackfoot, Boise, Grace, Grangeville, Highway 95, Murphy Hot Springs, Owyhees, Wallace