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2009-10, October 2009 (Albion)

2009-10, October 2009 (Albion)


Volume 9 Number 1

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    Flat Out Puttering?: A Semi-Cautious Grandma Biker Takes the Rocky Road to 50 MPH

    by Nadine York

    For this grandma biker, it was a rough rite of passage, but she finally got that throttle open.

    Albion—Spotlight City

    by Shirley Lund

    The town where Diamondfield Jack was tried for alleged range war murders later gained fame for its teachers’ college, and now is slowly coming back to the public eye.

    Renaissance in Rupert: An Eighty-Nine Year-Old Theater Undergoes a Decade-Long Renovation

    by Chris Jackson

    Approaching its ninetieth birthday, the magnificent Wilson Building and Theatre in Rupert is in the last phase of a three-part, decade-long restoration.


    Letters: Road Not Built; Farmwife’s Tale

    Hang Gliding: How Cool is That?; At King Mountain, Hang Gliders Ascend 18,000 Feet in National Championships, By Michael Vogt

    Search and Rescue: Now I’m Found; With Search Dogs Around, It Can Be Hard to Stay Lost, By Desiré Aguirre

    Remembering Vets: War Stories; Non-Profit Group Gathers Tales of Custer County Veterans for Memorial, From Files of the Veterans of Custer County Memorial, Inc.

    The Outdoorsman: Watching the Hands; Signs of a Woodsman’s Life, By Kaitlin Ens

    Idaho Artist: Plein Air; Remembrances of Olaf Moller, Idaho’s Master Landscape Painter, By Teddy Khteian-Keeton

    Nuclear Safety: The Critical Difference; How an Idaho Engineer Created a Worldwide Nuclear Safety Database, By Brett Stonee

    Reminiscence: Firewood; A Lesson in Self-Sufficiency, By Annie Lampman

    Recipe Contest: Apple Galette, by Paula E. Faulkner; and Pumpkin Yogurt Cheesecake Shake, Recipe Courtesy of United Dairymen of Idaho

    October Contributors

    Albion, Boise, Custer County, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, Headquarters, Idaho Falls, King Mountain, Moore, Rupert, Sandpoint