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2010-05, May 2010 (Marsing)

2010-05, May 2010 (Marsing)


Volume 9 Number 8

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    Adventure Racing: A Blossoming Sport Gets the Beauty Treatment in Idaho
    Photo Feature by Patrick Orton

    At Farragut State Park on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, the emerging sport of adventure racing highlights a multi-sport week in June.

    Marsing—Spotlight City
    by Trent Lootens

    A native of this southwestern Idaho farming community wouldn’t have traded his childhood for the world.

    Bolt-Action Business: Lessons Learned in Management from Hunting Bear in Idaho
    by Joshua Ramey-Renk

    On his first bear-hunting trip in northern Idaho, a newly minted MBA finds amusing similarities between business theory and shooting practice.


    Comment: Stories Worth Saving

    Idaho Hermit: Dugout Dick; At Age Ninety-four, Cave-Dwelling Still Suits the Salmon River Hermit, By Ward Stevens

    2010 Fiction Writing Contest: Announcing the Winners

    Road Trip: Summer Storm; On the Highway, the Hail Shoots Down, By Jordan Dilley

    Road Trip: No Room at the Armory; Amid a Spring Downpour, All Burley’s Beds Are Full, By Karen Finnigan

    Conflagration: Fire and Rain; How Idaho Farmers Saved West Yellowstone in 1988, By Sheldon Lawrence

    Race Car Champ: Running on the Ragged Edge; A Former Team Member of Parnelli Jones Recalls a Pedal-to-the-Metal Career, By Jerry Hitchcock

    Ghost Town: Back from Gone; Chesterfield, a Hidden Idaho Gem, Is Getting Better-Known All the Time, By Marge Hill Nickisch

    Celebration: The People’s Museum; A Priest Lake, Memorial Day Marks Two Decades of Intense Volunteering, By Marylyn Cork

    Recipe Contest: Sonoma Steaks with Vegetable Bocconicini, Recipe courtesy of the Idaho Beef Council; Idaho Smoked Trout Danish with Citrus Frisee Salad, by Christopher Zahn; Bread Sticks, by Cathy Koon

    May Contributors

    Burley, Chesterfield, Coolin, Farragut State Park, Idaho Falls, Marsing, Post Falls, Priest Lake, St. Anthony, Salmon, Sandpoint