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2010-07, July 2010 (New Plymouth)

2010-07, July 2010 (New Plymouth)


Volume 9 Number 10

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    The Rhinestone Roper; Meet the Flashiest Cowboy Around
    by Loy Ann Bell

    The horses get loose, and the author encounters a roping, riding, shooting, knife-throwing, whipcracking neighbor unlike any other.

    New Plymouth—Spotlight City
    by Lindsey Parker

    Water wheels, an unusual horseshoe shape, lazy summers, and the intangibles of smalltown life dominate this native’s memories.

    Trueblood: Part II
    by Les Tanner

    In the second of a two-part profile, the outdoors exploits and conservation efforts of the late Idaho writer, Ted Trueblood, are recounted.


    Comment: The Next Decade in Print

    McCall: In Search of the Warbling Vireo; A Master Birder Shows How It’s Done, By Patricia Gardner

    Nampa: Death of a Fighter; How Alcohol, Guns, And Machismo Killed Justin Mark Eilers, By Carroll McKibbin

    Pocatello: Wirehairs Forever; My Bird Dog Has Better Kudos Than Yours, By S. Eric Krasa

    Viola: Grandpa’s Minnie; A Last Ride into Another Time, By Kimberly Reynolds

    Boise: July 4, 2002; Drinks Down, Hands on Hearts, By Bob Bushnell

    Grandjean: Tracking the She-Wolf; On the Cusp of the Sawtooths, Lions, Bears, and Wolves, Oh My, By Daniel Claar

    Salmon: Spirited Away; On Losing the World’s Most Exquisite Animal, By Robert A. White

    Recipe Contest: Sicilian Beef Short Ribs, Recipe courtesy of the Idaho Beef Council; AL-Kabobs, by Alex Clarke; German Potato Salad, by Linda Helms

    Boise, Grandjean, Jerome, McCall, Nampa, New Plymouth, Pocatello, Salmon, Viola