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2015-01, January 2015 (Stibnite)

2015-01, January 2015 (Stibnite)


Volume 14 Number 4

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    Pioneers of Tailgating

    By Garth Profitt

    In Moscow during the 1950s, the author’s dad and friends helped to start the nation’s football tailgating tradition.

    Stibnite – Spotlight City

    By F.A. Loomis

    The author’s relatives describe this mining community deep in central Idaho during the 1940s, but now long gone.

    Stalking the River

    By Mike Medberry

    In the first of a two-part series, an environmentalist hikes along the Boise River, observing and reflecting all the way.


    Comments: Sawtooths in Winter

    Lemhi River: The Green Flash, by Susanna Danner

    Boise: Spirit of Boise, by Brianna Yates

    Riggins: Schoolboy Firemen, by Billy Jim Wilson

    Hells Canyon: Down on Kirkwood Ranch, by Chuck Hawkins

    Headquarters: Those Bleeping Sheep, by Dean Clark with Velda Blankinship Daggett

    Craters of the Moon: Skiing up a Storm, by Kris Millgate

    White Bird Hill: Too Tight for Comfort, by Nita Robinson

    Idaho at Large: Grandpa’s Vacation, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Poutine; Cucumber Water

    Calendar of Events: Great Snow Fest, Teton Valley

    Boise, Craters of the Moon, Garden City, Headquarters, Hells Canyon, Lemhi River, Lower Boise River, Moscow, Riggins, Soda Springs, Stanley, Stibnite, Sun Valley, Teton Valley, White Bird Hill, Winchester