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2011-05, May 2011 (Ozone)

2011-05, May 2011 (Ozone)


Volume 10 Number 8

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    Awed by Rocks
    by Fran Milsop

    Three Idaho master gem carvers talk about why and how they do it.

    Ozone—Spotlight City
    by Connie Otteson

    Ancestors of the author’s husband have a long history in this once-thriving town, which succumbed to poor harvests and low prices.

    A Fighter Tamed
    by Alice Dunn

    A tough young man named Ben Henderson came West, helped to settle the Arimo area as a rancher, became a state senator, and earned the admiration of the author, his granddaughter.


    Comment: Young Scribes

    Filer: Pie-Tin Art; An Idaho Artist Invents a New Genre,
    by T. Khteian-Keeton

    Boise: A Volunteer; Teaching? Not for Love or Money,
    by Pat McCoy Rohleder

    Rathdrum: Leaving It Out There; A Multi-Sport Athlete Takes on the Radiant Lake Triathlon, by Gregory Johnston

    Clarkia: The Mountains Heal; Getting Back to the Here-and-Now,
    by Ben Walters

    Florence: Dynamite! Put That in Your Little Red Wagon, by Billy Jim Wilson

    Corral: The Camas Project; Long Live the Party on the Prairie,
    by Kevin Swan

    Idaho Books: Alan Heathcock’s Volt, reviewed by Kate Lovan

    Idaho at Large: The Dilemma of Choice, by Steve Carr

    Recipe Contest: Idaho Breakfast Frittata; Fresh Minted Garbanzo Salad, both recipes courtesy of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, www.idahopreferred.com; Pecan Pie, by Dorie Helms Conrad, courtesy of Linda Helms

    Almo, Arimo, Boise, Clarkia, Corral, Filer, Florence, Idaho Falls, Kamiah, Kuna, Lowell, Ozone, Rathdrum, St. Anthony, Salmon, Wallace, Weippe