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2012-02, February 2012 (Lowman)

2012-02, February 2012 (Lowman)


Volume 11 Number 5

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    Drawbridge Down
    by Tara Roberts

    Enamored by northern Idaho’s castles ever since elementary school,  the author lays siege, and bridges the moat for an inside view.

    Lowman—Spotlight City 
    by C. Eugene Brock

    Decades of experience with this mountain town—as a resident, a forester, and a researcher—influence our author’s views on where Lowman has been and where it’s going.

    The Kropp Letters
    by Judy Kropp Murphy & Don Price

    Two cousins share the letters their grandfather wrote in 1920, describing southern Idaho on his first visit, before moving his family to the state.


    Comment: Zooming In

    Statewide: A 4-H Timeline, by Jana Kemp

    Arco Desert: Living off the Sheep’s Back, by Bill Ryan

    Boise: Turning Strong, by Kelcey Stewart

    Owyhees: Good and Lost, by Amy Larson

    Idaho City: That’s Just Shooting, by Del Crawford

    Statewide: Divas Wanted, by Deborah Lynch

    Boise: The Ring, by Les Tanner

    Idaho at Large: What We Do Here, by Jeff Carr

    Recipe Contest: Red Cabbage Galette, by Lukas Volger – Excerpted fromVegetarian Entrees That Won’t Leave You Hungry; Aunt Jeanette’s Lemon Bars, courtesy of Susan Harris

    Calendar of Events: Winter Carnival, McCall

    Ashton, Arco, Boise, Idaho City, Juliaetta, Lava Hot Springs, Lowman, Moscow, Owyhees, Stanley, Troy