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2012-05, May 2012 (Dietrich)

2012-05, May 2012 (Dietrich)


Volume 11 Number 8

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    The Puppet Maker
    by LeeAnn Garton

    A desire to inject narrative drive into her handiwork leads a well-traveled Idahoan to return to college, become a sculptor, and then start making puppets.

    Dietrich РSpotlight City 
    by Don Heiken

    The author explores the history of a former railroad stop in which he has lived most of his life, graduating with a high school class of six.

    Top of the Mountain
    by Ray Brooks

    A mountaineer takes on some of the most challenging peaks in the Sawtooth Range to create a photo-record of earlier excursions by rock-climbing pioneers.


    Comment: One-Liners

    Panhandle: Idaho Woman, by Jack Robert Staff

    Filer: Drill It Straight, by David Koffer

    Statewide: A Smell Collector, by Bob Bailey

    Twin Falls/Moscow: Two Ways to Tell the Story, by Mary Ellen Martin

    Sagle: Addicted to Dahlias, by Marylyn Cork

    Idaho Books: Cougar Bob, by Gaye Bunderson

    Idaho at Large: 2B or not to Be, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Gingersnaps, by Linda Helms; Barbecue Corn with Sour Cream, Lime and Chili, courtesy of Idaho Preferred

    Calendar of Events: Dog d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene

    Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Dietrich, Filer, Kamiah, Moscow, Panhandle, Sagle, St. Anthony, Sawtooth Range, Twin Falls