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2012-06, June 2012 (Genesee)

2012-06, June 2012 (Genesee)


Volume 11 Number 9

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    You’re Not Taking Him
    by Gary Oberbillig

    When federal government officials arrived in Fairfield during World War II, intent on interning people of Japanese descent, the town stood up and refused to surrender their longtime neighbor, Jimmy Yamamoto.

    Genesee РSpotlight City 
    by David Wahl

    Storytelling has always been central in the life of the author, who grew up hearing tales tall and true about the past and present of Genesee, where he now passes on the lore to his offspring.

    Circling Back Around
    by Amy Larson

    The author’s wariness toward airplanes changes after a friendship with a World War II ace and a visit to Nampa’s Warhawk Air Museum lead to a meeting with the pilot of a plane she had seen aloft long ago.


    Comment: Snapshots

    Treasure Valley: Derby Fever; Around Idaho Zealous Women Don Roller Skates, by Ruth Knox

    Bayhorse: The Bayhorse Saga; A Two-Decade Struggle to Preserve a Ghost Town, by Ernest J. Lombard

    Idaho City: An Old Yellow Caboose; Three Guys and a Train Car, by Tim Mosgrove

    Statewide: Saving Beauty; Is Idaho’s Allure Endangered, by Art Hale

    Statewide: The Marker Hunter; What Do Those Plaques Say?, by Rebecca Maxwell

    Idaho Books: Original Do-It-Yourselfers, by Gaye Bunderson

    Idaho at Large: Have a Double Eagle Day, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Hummus Salad, courtesy of Idaho Preferred; Caramel Dumplings,courtesy of Marcy Campbell

    Calendar of Events: Face-to-Fish Day, Boise

    Bayhorse, Boise, Fairfield, Genesee, Idaho City, Malad, McCammon, Nampa, Treasure Valley, White Bird, Winchester