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2012-10, October 2012 (Aberdeen)

2012-10, October 2012 (Aberdeen)


Volume 12 Number 1

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    Unlikely Allies
    by Deborah Richie

    The needs of ranchers and of indigenous critters sometimes clash, but in Blaine County, people who work the land and conservationists are joining forces to pursue novel solutions.

    Aberdeen – Spotlight City
    by Tanae Sorenson

    As a child, the author frequently visited her grandmother in Aberdeen. Her poignant recollections include a look at how the town has changed and stayed the same.

    Greenhorn Blogaroo
    by Amy Larson

    You can live in Idaho a long time and still not get a good handle on what the cowboy culture is all about, as the author discovered when she became the Snake River Stampede’s official blogger.


    Comment: War Drive, Good Stuff

    Swan Valley: Podunk Perfect; A Tourist Town Escapee Finds Nirvana in Eastern Idaho, by Daryl Hunter

    North-Central: Keep It Rolling; On the Road with an Annual Cycling Tour, by Amanda Breitbach Ragsdale

    Owyhees: Saving Idaho’s Chukar; A Lifelong Hunter Afield, by Drew Wahlin

    Laclede: In a Blueberry Town; The Thrill of the Search, by Tara Roberts

    Boise: On the Edges of Things; Sculptor Francis Fox Melds the Virtual with the Real, by Amanda Turner

    Hayden: Home on Parade; Building a House in Hard Times, By Mike Kincaid

    Idaho at Large: Cat’s in the Cradle, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Harvest Soup and Easy Game Day Poppers

    Calendar of Events: Pumpkin Patch and Maze, Pocatello

    Aberdeen, Boise, Hailey, Hayden, Laclede, Lewiston, Nampa, Owyhees, Pocatello, Riggins, Swan Valley, Weiser