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2013-02, February 2013 (Kilgore)

2013-02, February 2013 (Kilgore)


Volume 12 Number 5

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    by Mike Medberry

    The author, a longtime conservationist, wrote a book about suffering a stroke at Craters of the Moon, and its aftermath. Here’s a compelling excerpt.

    Kilgore – Spotlight City
    by Eileen Bennett

    For almost a half-century, the author lived in this remote village near the Montana border. She tells colorful tales of rugged living at Camas Meadows.

    Up O’er the Wire
    by Gary Oberbillig

    A longtime friend of the author’s belongs to one of central Idaho’s most prominent crop-dusting families. This is their story.


    Comments: Kamiah

    Banner Ridge: Snowfoot, by Alex Thatcher

    Wood River Valley: Hemingway’s House, by Art Jensen

    Soda Springs/Fort Hall: Pioneer Diaries, by Jerry Eichhorst

    Kamiah: Pushing the Boundaries, by Mike Brown

    Melba: Cleo’s Trail, by Amy Larson

    Coeur d’Alene Mountains: Killer GPS, by G.T. Rees

    Idaho at Large: Like It or Lump It, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Cranberry Chili and Portuguese Sweet Rice

    Calendar of Events: Artistry in Wood Show, Boise

    Ashton, Banner Ridge, Cambridge, Coeur d’Alene Mountains, Craters of the Moon, Donnelly, Fort Hall, Kamiah, Kilgore, Melba, Pierce, Soda Springs, Wood River Valley