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2013-04, April 2013 (Filer)

2013-04, April 2013 (Filer)


Volume 12 Number 7

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    On Slick Rock
    by Mark Weber

    Four climbers reenact the first summiting in 1967 of a sheer, thousand-foot-tall granite rock in the Salmon River Mountains.

    Filer – Spotlight City
    by Rachel Gattuso

    A neighbor who has long admired Filer takes a closer look at this bedroom community’s Old World charm.

    Spring Plumage
    by Mark Winchester

    An Idaho wildlife fan and photographer chronicles the spring mating dances of greater sage grouse near Dubois.


    Comments: The Songbirds Are Back

    Knox: Hard Knox, by Evan Jones

    Stites & Grangeville: The Freighter, by Billy Jim Wilson

    Emmett: The Emmett Eliminator, by Brian D’Ambrosio

    White Bird Grade: Isabella’s Escape, by Herman Wiley Ronnenberg

    Smith Prairie: Oh, So Close, by Laura McAnulty

    Idaho at Large: Soaking in the Big 150, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Sourdough Oatmeal Bread

    Calendar of Events: IDAHO magazine Fiction Contest Readings & Awards Ceremony, Boise

    Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Dubois, Emmett, Filer, Grangeville, Idaho Falls, Knox, Moscow, Pocatello, Ponderosa National Forest, Riggins, Smith Prairie, Stites, White Bird